HardCORE Power

HardCORE Power targets major muscle groups on a day to day basis. You will be following a plan which progresses week by week, while keeping you on a rotating schedule of arms, core, back, legs, shoulders and chest with select cardio worked in with some days. When you work a certain body part hard enough, it will need more recovery in between. HardCORE is designed to create muscular gains and definition that you will be able to see in as little as 4 weeks! Shake up your stale routine and get HardCORE!

  • Most advanced program available.
  • Requires gym equipment.
  • Make great gains and muscular definition!
  • Works one major body group per day for complete overall fitness.
  • Calendar checklist, exercise pictures, descriptions, and instructions are included.
Abs/Core 97
Arms 98
Back/Shoulders 93
Legs/Lower 96
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