Frequently Asked Questions

I currently have six programs developed, each lasting four weeks. Read each program description carefully. If you are just starting out after a long hiatus, or have never done an exercise program, On The Go (OTG) would be a perfect fit. Next Level (NL) and HardCORE (HC) are more advanced. The other three programs target specific body areas, the arms, legs, and core. The target area programs are a great add-on to any of the OTG, NL, and HC workout plans!
The programs are in PDF format. You can download them on any smart device or computer. I recommend printing out at least the program calendar, this will allow you to check off days/exercises and keep you on track.
Each program has every exercise explained for you! There are written descriptions and pictures of each phase of every exercise. Also, some home advice, use a mirror when you’re first starting out so you can make sure your posture is correct; visual feedback can be very helpful!
Yes, but not all. All of the details are stated on the program description page. The only program which requires actual gym equipment is HardCORE. On The Go requires no equipment, and some other programs give you the option to use dumbbells and other types of free weights.
No refunds for purchased programs. You pay a one time fee for purchasing the program. Once you buy it, it’s yours. There are no subscriptions or added fees. Fitness coaching is a set fee per hour/half hour. There are also no refunds for fitness coaching sessions.
No subscription fee! 4 week programs are a one time purchase.
The programs available currently do not include recipes. If you are interested in healthy meal ideas, follow me on Instagram (feliciamariefitness) for free recipes and ideas.  You also have the option for fitness coaching, where I can give you ideas via Skype sessions. For anyone interested, I am currently working on a cookbook! Stay tuned!
Fitness coaching with me will help answer all those other detailed questions like, am I doing this exercise right? What can I eat during the day that keeps me full but is low on carbs? By heading to the “Fitness Coaching” tab, you will be able to view my rates and get one on one Skype appointments with me!
Nothing in this life is guaranteed! I truly hope my programs can help you get into great shape. They are a wonderful way to keep you focused on your goals. Healthy eating, exercise, and CONSISTENCY are key.
Not necessarily; extra does not always mean better. Everyone’s fitness levels are different. You may not feel much on day 8 while another person is incredibly sore. Never over-do anything, I have designed these programs to build week by week in intensity to build strength in a safe way.
I am so fortunate to have a wonderful array of medical professionals contributing to my Wellness Blog!  I have met or worked with all of these individuals at some point or another. When I created the blog I wanted a place where physicians and medical professionals alike could share advice and knowledge. I have a diverse group of contributors and I hope to keep adding to it!
We are fully connected with Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, so use the hashtag #feliciamariefitness with your photo results! Show off those new muscles you worked so diligently for! You can also use the hashtag of the program you tried, all this information is included when you buy the program.
If you are questioning whether or not it is safe to start an exercise program, please speak with your doctor first. Better safe than sorry.
Sure! Contact us at and I will get back to you within 72 hours!