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Why Your Workout May Not Be Working by Robert Inesta, DC, L.Ac, CCSP

Have you ever exercised and felt that you were not achieving the results you expected? Or worse, have you developed pain or worsened an already painful condition with exercise that was supposed to help? Have

Three Reasons To Have a Workout Buddy

  Imagine this: You walk into the gym, new $100 tennis shoes on, motivated and ready to get that summer body. Your playlist is on point, beads of condensation dripping down your water bottle and

Tips for Healthy Living and Strengthening Your Immune System by Felicia Marie

This past Sunday we all had the bittersweet task of setting our clocks back an hour, gaining that precious hour of sleep but seeing the sunset oh so low early in the evening. With that

Intuitive Eating and How to Use It To Your Advantage (Part 1) by Felicia Marie

I’m going to be very straightforward with you - I literally hate the word “diet”. I don’t know what it is about the word, maybe it just doesn’t have weight behind it (no pun intended,

Breathe Easily by Dr. Robert Inesta

  Breathing is the most basic movement pattern and very often done incorrectly, having tremendous consequences in terms of our musculoskeletal health. If we think about how often we breathe (every moment of our lives),

Emotional Intelligence and Stress Management by Dr. Alex Diaz

  According to Daniel Goldman, emotional intelligence (EI) is a personality trait that depicts the individual’s ability to regulate emotions, be aware of his/her own self in relation to others, be emphatic with others, have

The Creative Process by Felicia Marie

I’m sitting here on a unseasonably cold spring day, cozied up in the biggest sweatshirt I own, fuzziest blanket wrapped around the other exposed parts of me. The spreadsheet is staring back at me, the

If The Shoe Fits by Dr. Lee Cohen

My name is Dr. Lee S. Cohen; I have over 29 years of experience of working with high level athletes from basketball to soccer and everything in between.  Today I would like to discuss with