Still not sure if this workout plan is what you want? Arms FOCUS offers a comprehensive compilation of exercises which progress week by week. You will not get bored with this 4 week plan! While repetition is key, so is being enthusiastic. As each week goes by, you will be introduced to new exercises which increase in difficulty, but formulated in a way that allows you to get the tone you want. Performing the same exercises over and over will get you somewhere, but you will eventually plateau. With proper variations, you will see better, more consistent progress.

  • You WILL need dumbbells for this program.
  • Program has pictures detailing every exercise, as well as an introduction and instructions.
  • Get definition in your shoulders, biceps and triceps, as well as some upper back. Look great this summer with your newly toned arms! Show them off!
  • Build up of intensity and difficulty week by week, not just the same exercises recycled over and over.
  • Calendar checklist, exercise pictures, descriptions, and instructions are included.
Arms 100
Back/Shoulders 75
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