Imagine this:


You walk into the gym, new $100 tennis shoes on, motivated and ready to get that summer body. Your playlist is on point, beads of condensation dripping down your water bottle and obviously that $200 you recently invested in workout clothes is soooooo worth it.  You walk into the weight room and stop cold in your tracks.  Now what?  Do I head over to this machine thingy?  How does it work?  Maybe I should try to squeeze my way in between the sea of massive biceps and do some work in the free weights area.  Yeah, maybe not today.  Let’s just hit the treadmill.  At this point, maybe you feel a bit lost.  Perhaps you don’t want to look ridiculous fumbling around on the machines or end up on this epic fail compilation like the guy doing the SpiderMan move on the cable machine. (Check it out here, you’re welcome)

If you’re just starting a new workout routine or maybe returning after an exercise sabbatical, these feelings are totally normal.  

Pro Tip: Get a workout buddy



Here’s why:

You Can Motivate Each Other


We all have days when we are looking for ANY excuse to not have to work out.

“OMG, Netflix JUST released a new show I’m dying to binge watch.”

“Mercury is in retrograde and I don’t think people workout during a full moon.”

“My dog misses me.”

The list goes on.  However, if you have someone you set up a workout schedule with, you are far more likely to go because you don’t want bail on your friend and because now working out is a good time to catch up on all the latest intel of your circle of friends. You can hold each other accountable.  When you’re feeling unmotivated and the little voice in your head is saying, “It’s ok. You can take one day off.”; you have another voice blowing up your texts saying “Get your butt off the couch.  We’re going to miss our favorite pilates class.”   


You Are Sharing the Same Journey


Starting off a new journey is hard! And can be intimidating.  If you have someone who is going thru the exact same struggles, aches and challenges, it’s a lot easier to overcome them when you’re doing it with a friend.  Even if you do look a little silly trying to figure out all the gym equipment, you’re not the only one and won’t feel like the only newbie in the gym.  Not only that, but you can share diet secrets, empathize with one another about that muscle you didn’t even know you had hurting and “Omg, I didn’t realize those bars in the bathroom were actually put there for people to use after leg day”.

Oh, and of course you need someone to tag in all your gym progress pics.


You Can Keep Each Other Safe


A workout buddy is a spotter!  Help each other with proper form so you don’t get injured.  Catch that weight you nearly dropped on your face as you’re pushing thru the last rep.  Injuries unfortunately are fairly common when working out, but as you just enter the early stages of a workout program you are even more susceptible.  (Click here to learn more about the most common injuries and how to prevent them.)


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